Im back(?)

So I think i might be back..but Im not sure. I was able to find sometime to edit some photos at school. because my computer is stilll down :[ These were taken over spring break(last friday) in Santa Monica. It feels really good to post some stuff again:]. ENJOYYYY !

Come Away With Me
Maurees feeeeeeet
Cotton Candy<3


so are you and shannon ever going to go out he tottally likes you and you seem like you into him??

nooo we arent. we're really good friendssss :]

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wen is ur bday


Ask me anything

how old r u

im 16 :]

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wen r u goin to post sumting other than q&a. i loved the pics u used to post.lol

when my computer gets fixeddd! right nowi use my stepdads computer and i cant really upload pics on ehre and stuff.
this jsut automatically gets posted to my bloggg.

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Do you not like any girls at school?

noo, i do. i just dont really get a long with a lot of girls in general.

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what do you hate the most?

when people call on private and i miss the call...because im just sitting there wondering who it was.

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