God. Please send me an asian guy that will sing to me.
thankyou .



MGMT is blowing through my computer speakers.
and im feelin it.

I thought my life was pretty boring. But since i have so many followers on this here blogspot, maybe its not so baddd.
i guessss.

one day, i want a post that im extremely proud of. Something thatll make someone say "holy shit. im jealous. why cant i do that/go to that".


Colette Carr- Back It Up

soo bombbbb.
what are your thoughts ?



4 buses. Just to get to Melrose. WTF.
seriously...so pointless...except for the fact that i came up on some sunglasses.
I had to wait at the bus stop in hollywood at night. fuck daylights savings time.



Designer Skyline

Owl City
As promised, Many pictures and full play-by-play on my weekenddd!

Sadafs Bday Kickback (Friday)

This night was seriously sooo chilll. I can always have fun with this group of people, no matter what we do. Who else can fight with stickyhands for lyk 30 minutes?
And OMG Sadaf, my little innocent baby...was soo FUCKEDDD UP.
can you say "Lapdances and strip teases all around?"
You know when youre so drunk that you go through every emotion all within a few hours?
She went from shaking her ass on Keith to crying :[...back to being happy again. Love her so much :]


Saturday around 1 o'clock, I did my second shoot for ShakeACity.
It all went pretty well except for the fact that the sun was just not on our side.
Here are a few shots

Justin Time !(saturday)
Unfortunately, there are no pictures from this point in the day. I met up with Justin at the mall. I havent seen him in foreverrr, and it was soo good seeing him. He convinced me to buy bigger gauges...and skip a size. i am now a size 2. Ill post pictures when my earlobes arent so big and swollen -__-

I ended my night at Sahars house with Lindsay, Shannon, Dushon, and Mauree.
It was pretty chillll. we watched movies all nighttt :]
Oh, and stuffed marshmellows in our faces and talked about Sadafs drunken ways.

Cheer Showcase (Sunday)

I cant get over how much I love my yearbook pass. Its lyk an excuse to do everything for free.
Sunday, me and Annelisa went to this Cheerleading showcase to see her old team perform. Im not gunna lie, I didnt want to go after she told me it was 10$.
Thanx to my brilliant mind, i thought of using my yearbook pass. Dumbass people believed it too. It wasnt even a school event...it was jsut held at the school. Im so evil .


After the showcase, Annelisa and I didnt feel like our night was complete. Biking to Allies house and "getting sleepy" completed it tho. Along with some shots under the street lamp :]

Bye Guyssss! More shit coming soooon, i promiseee!



Hey Everyone! sorry for not posting very much. I use to post lyk everyday haha .
Ive been really busy with schoool and weekend activities. I have my Enlish Mid-Term tomorrow -___-. fucking sucks.
I promise lotsssss of pictures tomorrow or the next day from my past weekend with a complete play-by-play.

thanxx !


Brand New

So I honestly dont know what this editorial is for or where it was published..but im in love with it. It reminds my of this book i just finished reading called Water for Elephants, which was extremely gooooood .