You Rock My World

Michael Jackson
ybr beingayg sidaoek yM

^^^^that says my keyboard is being gay. i have to press the right arrow for it to go to the next letter. wtf

this is dying...slowly



Remember the Time

Michael Jackson....RIP .

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

I never thought the day would come.

"the icon to revolutionary music. is now resting
The visionary the king of pop
Mr michael Jackson"

I wanted to write this huge blog about how great he was and all the things he did for music. But everyone already knows. Definitely will be missed. Im surprised the world has not stopped spinning .

Good 'Ol

Jojo--i love her. she needs to make a new cd .
Okay so this post is basically to explain that the appearance of my blog is going to be changing A LOT . It could be different everytime you see it. Im really trying to perfect it so that it expresses me to the fullest. The main thing thats going to be changing is the banner at the top . Im really working on my graphic designs and im getting better and better :] I still don;t know if i want it to say KEIKOKILLS or VOICE OF AUTUMN...ill figure it out tho .
Ill let you know when ive come up with a final look .

gooooooodnite yallll .





If you looked up in the dictionary "THE SHIT" ...a movie poster for this movie would be under it. Although it was extremely long and I decided to watch it at 12 am....it was still amazing . There wasnt one second where i wanted to fall asleep . The only thing that bothered me just a little was that fact that they had the Robots saying shit lyk "imma bust a cap in his ass". At first it was funny...but they kept doing it too much.
Also Meagan Fox, for all of you MEN, BOYS &guys out there...yes SHE WAS HOT . cant even lieeeee .
BUT Shia was bettter .The dirt all over his face somehow worked for him .
GOOOO SEEE IT ! i did and i loved it :]


Pop the Glock

Uffie :]
A couple hours ago i watched a very interesting documentary on a photographer and film maker David Lachapelle [ no relation to dave chapelle] . He is very well-known so this should not be the first time hearing of him. His work is creative, inventive, colorful, and all together inspiring. Every photo he takes sends a message or tells a story. Yes, they tend to be very provocative , but still amazing nonetheless .






AND guess whaaaaat ?
he made the move RIZE . David Lachapelle is legit .
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Apani & Nujabes
Good weekend . Its late . Im tired. Imma make this a quick one .

Saturday 6-20-09


Happy birthday Philip
everyone was doing the Stanky Leg :]

bombb . Me and Des

Sunday 6-21-09 Fathers day .
Went to Dukes, in the BU..Malibu .



goodnite .


Aint No Rest for the Wicked

Cage the Elephant...love this song :]
These are a couple of pictures i took on a photoshoot with Annelisa, Desiree, and Melody on 6-19-08 Theres more on flickr.com/keiko_kills




Words Meet Heartbeats

seriously their album is amazingg
My summer officially began Yesterday !
So Desiree, Melody, and I busted a mission to Hollywood :]

this nigga....

Found this is this store that literally has everything.
from old ass magazines, henna tattoo powder, 1997 cell phones, baskets, and pipes.

Redline :]

After all of that, we went to Lakewood, which is lyk really close to the LB .

Whatta good way to start off the summmer :]

more pictures on my flickrrr AND myspace



We Belong Together

Since it difficult to think of titles, from now on its just going to be the name of the song that im listening to while posting the blog. ill put the artist under....this title is by Gavin Degraw.

FINALS :[..math final wasnt too bad. Didnt have a final for 2nd because i t.a.
So i did nothing for 2 hours straight.
Got out at 12:20
stayed after school til lyk 4 -____- [never again will i stay that long]
Went home then got picked up by Tara and Taylor.
Went to the dance show, met Marco and Peymom .
Had In n Out.
Went home.
Sounds boring, but from 5-12, i was on whole other level .



Saturday :
Went to L.A.---got my hair diiiid :]
It was a pretty bad morning untillllll....
I GOT A FLASH :]....thanx mommmy .
I then went home, met up with desiree.
We went to a champagne party because i needed to take pictures for Blakes prom.
Took him 2 hours to get there. we didnt know one person there, so it was akward.
I did my thing, took pictures of her pretty dress, his pretty suit, and Lucky's pretty car.
We then...took the bus from GRANADA HILLS to WINETTKA...can you say MISSSION ?
We got to the kickback...it was another akward situation because i only knew Desiree and Jasmin.
BUUUUUUT then Julie came....some girls were being BITCHES to Desiree...WE LEFT .
Stopped by the party in Granada Hills, went to Carls jr., then went home.
I was all over the place----Woodland hills>LA>Woodland Hills>Granada Hills>Winettka>Granada Hills>Woodland Hills.
Jeeeeeez .




Julie was "whippin"---i lyk that word...but i feel weird saying it sometimes lol .



Every now and then you come across a person that doesnt know a god damn thing they are talking about. This convo ignited when I saw that this hispanic girl(whom i dont really care for. Shes lyk one of those wannbe cholas whose nickname is "smokey" and have friends whose names are "lucky", "Temperz", and "clown") had a picture caption saying I WANNA BE YO NIGGA .
Now, most of the time i dont really care if other races say that word, it just bothers me when chola ass hispanics say it. Don;t most of them have beef with black people? So why use the word? This is our little argument. It was highly entertaining.

ME: I wasn’t aware that you were black.
Maybe you shud change it to ESE or VATO… or how about DAWWWWG

HISPANIC GIRL: were u trying 2 b funny?

ME: Umm no because usually when im trying to be funny I throw in a JK or n LOL .
i dont think there were any of those in there.

HISPANIC GIRL: umm okay?

y dont chu suck these nuts.
oh nd just in case u 4got im fkin blcker den u.
fukin whitewashed bitch.

ME:woah no need for the language little one .
nuts ? really ? lol .okay .
just because u go to birmingham doesnt make u black or mexican .
and just because u abbreviate(that means shorten if you dont noe sweety) and type lyk ur "ghetto" doesnt make u black either .
calm down . its not that serious . i juss dnt want u throwing that word around cuz u will get checked sonner or later .

HISPANIC GIRL: first of all "huney" its a fukin song nd dot tell me how 2 type or tlk

nd wtf i aint got 2 go 2 bhs 2 b a mexican stupidass i am!
nd y wld i wnna b a mayete anyway?
(look it up bitch^^)
nd last i checkd u WERE whitee.

did u 4get dat blak ppl cum from dee fukin ghetto?

ME: i really dont care if its from a song or not .

i would love for you to yell that word out at school and juss see what happens .
nd so you;re a mexican stupidass ? maybe you shud put a comma or two in there cuz i noe ur not that dumb to call yourself a stupidass lol .

no need to look it up. i noe what it means .
and obviously you are, since you said nigga . which shudnt come out of your mouth cuz you;re MEXICANNN .
youre fuckin ignorant. black people come from the ghetto ? really ? you have a lot to learn .

HISPANIC GIRL: bitch wtf i wnna c u tlk shit 2 my fukin face.

fukin cunt i do say dat word at skoo so stfu if u dont no shitt.
so y were u trippin in dee 1st plce wen u aint even a real nigger.
fukin anerexic trick kiss my ass beeotchhh:)

ME: i really have no problem saying all of this too you .

okay im sure ur saying it around school, either around your mexican friends or ur black friends that dont have enough respect for their race to speak up and say sumthing .
and um actually no im not white. Im black. and Japanese.
lol and whats a REAL nigger to you ?
you have a lot of growing up to do pricilla.
Im sure your time will come when you realize how ignorant you;re being .
cussing me out over comments on myspace does not make you hard .
And hang ing out with people that get arrested and shud be "freed" doesnt make you hard either .


first of all since ur so smart learn how 2 spell a fukin name.
2nd of all i rlly wnna hear u tlk shi 2 my face instead of comment
cuz u started diz bulshit nd im jus ending it.
nd dont tlk bout my homies.
u dont no shit u tink ur so smart but u aint.
ur jus fukin stupidd. if anything ur ignorant thinkinn ur so kool nd smart wit yo nose in de air.
pshh. u need 2 fukin grow up.
nd grow sum boobs while ur at itt.
u dont no shit bout wut ur tlkin boutt autumn.
dont tlk bout ppl u dont no so get it straightt.

ME: Im sorry i dnt specialize in spelling hispanic names .
and i didnt start anything, ur the one that cussed me out for simply stating you shudnt say nigga cuz ur not black .
ignorant doesnt mean thinking you;re cool .
wow so now we are tlking about my appearance? i wont even go there with you .
and i do know you . i went to school with you for atleast 4 years .

After that, the convo died, with her saying that "atleast im not ugly like some niggers"
In carolinas words "That dumb bitch"
I guarantee that most of the shit she said is the dumbest shit youve ever heard someone say .


Drake Interview

hmmm whats going on with rihanna?...find outtt .