DAMNNN, some randomness i wanted to share .

I just feel lyk i need to say that i have a true love for photography. When i take a picture and its bombb, all i can think is "damnn, i took that."

Don't tell me im not good at what i do, or that i dont know what im doing when i take a picture. Its not based on what you think of it, its all on me. And i know what looks good. Its art, not science. Theres no technicalities or rules.

And if i wanna hustle, let me do me.
You talk shit, im not going to be courteous lyk im your friend.
Just expect me do be a bitch .



On another note, i went to "church" today. A pastor came in at lunch to preach, and it was amazing. He wasnt an ordinary pastor, it was lyk "we were tlkin to the home", taylor says. She was so right.
He was basically saying that our mistakes dont define who we are. And i really bagan to think about everything he stood for. Me and tay are going to church saturday :]Im excited !



A little late on posting this, but I was too tiredd last nitee .
stuff from yesterday :]]

She'll get it tatt'd one day

me and part of desiree.


photocred:mikey ?


wutta night .

went all over the world .
and then came back around .
was thought to be 20 .
then 19 .
then 18 .
then "umm either 17 or 16 ! omgg u cant be 16"
"no, actually 15"

lol its funny disappointing people when i tell them my age .



man;;im tireeeed of everything.
i seriously need something new in life .

Im SOOOO tired of all this drama .
im tired of hearing peoples problems.
im tired of people complaining .

I juss need someone to make me happpy .



Too late to be writing a blog...

buuuut im doing it anyways.

Today was extremely random and FULLLL of dramaaa .
went to school, Christian came to pick up me and my friends to go to the beachhh:]]

Water was soooo cold, and it resulted in beach hair VVVVV

When i came home i went to Fridays and atee.
Then Julie and Lindsay picked me up for a semi-adventure.
Couldnt find the place.
We were far as fuck.
Didnt make it home at 11 like i wanted to .
And Lindsay made things awkward, but i still love her :]
Had some drama wit the best friend and his wifey, but its okay, everythings all good now..[[atleast i hope so]]
now im home, where i should be sleeping.
goodnite !

xoxo-autumn =]



Jerkin=new dance craze that has swept across the US.
No clue where it started, but i know they are going too hard in the Valley[san fernando valley]
Im not gon lie, yes i am a jerkER ..if dats what u want to call it.

I am now lowkey embarrassed to talk about it sometimes, its getting that wack .
With artist such as :
THE VIXENS..and moree...
the only ones that have realllly made it are the NEW BOYZ.

Anyways, two rival schools here in the Valley: El Camino and Taft
[sadly, i go to elco], have started a YOUTUBE battle. Yes, i said it, a YOUTUBE battle.

First Taft does their thing:

Then, knowing dat Elco is wack as shit, and we get beat in EVERYTHING by Taft, we decide to bash on TAFT.[i say "we" because i go there. I was NOT apart of the making of this video.] Before watching please read some key facts:
El Camino was supposedly "just playin"

Landon is the light skinned guy around 0:15 dat keeps saying "TAFT BASHIN"[you will need to know dat for when Taft makes the next video.]

The girl in this video, Davianna, is the only good one in the whole thing
And pleaseeeeeeeee dont judge El Camino on how we are represented in this video.

Now, Taft comes back, and hits us hard .

I would like to think dat they have learned their lesson...but i doubt it.


waiting to exhale

So spring break has ended . And i have not one picture to show for it.
I wanted to something so amazing this past week, something that would make everything seem so much better.

That didnt work out. Instead I've come to too many realizations .

First off Im getting really tired of having my best friends stolen from me.
as soon as i feel someone is my best friend , there some is a day later trying to become just as close to them . I don't mean to be selfish but damn. it pisses me off.

Secondly, Im tired of people being so disrespectful . When you enter someones home, don't treat it as you would treat your home. You better treat it like its the fuckin White House.

I am also sooo completely tired of busted missions. but its getting betttter .

High School is starting to get extremely old. I know im only 15, and everyone at that age should be looking forward to the years they have left . Im tired of it . I want to enter the real world already. Im through with the petty drama.

i need something new. a change. a beginning.